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Marta’s practical and grounded style of teaching offers her students a toolbox of yogic practices that can help to overcome the stresses of modern life. Marta confidently blends elements and wisdom of classic hatha yoga, mindfulness and various teaching techniques as well as meditation, relaxation and Yoga Nidra, which gives her a unique, eclectic style, allowing her to design classes for mixed abilities and creating modifications for a variety of health conditions while drawing inspiration from all available traditions of yoga.

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Mindfulness teaches us how to meet our thoughts, feelings and emotions, while cultivating kindness, patience and compassion, how to be present in each moment of our lives and how to embrace all aspects of life; however challenging, however rough.

Through the practice of mindful awareness we learn that anger, panic, sadness and fear, like other difficult emotions that we tend to deny, suppress or shut off, are a natural part of life. In mindfulness the real antidote to the discomfort, fear and uncertainty is to meet it rather than turn away from it.

Breathing and Meditation

The practice of meditation improves concentration, promotes patience, courage and allows us to stay centred and focused while navigating through the challenges of life. Breathing exercises enhance the physical yoga practice and facilitate meditation.

Both, breathing and meditation practices:

  • enhance ability to focus and to maintain concentration
  • help to alter the mood by learning how to use calming and tranquilising techniques in stressful situations, and energising breathing exercises to help restore strength, focus and concentration
  • help to regulate erratic breathing that is linked to stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • help to deal with physical or emotional pain or discomfort
Breathing and Meditation
Restorative Yoga

Relaxation, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Relaxation is a practical skill and like any other skill it can be learnt.

Relaxation techniques contribute greatly to the regulation of the heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and respiration and enhanced immune function in the body, allowing the body to heal and repair itself.  On a deeper, mental and emotional level, relaxation alleviates stress and helps us to deal more effectively with our responsibilities and with the challenges of our lives.

Restorative yoga is a practice of relaxation in a variety of yoga postures with the use of props like cushions, bolsters and blankets to support the body in order to facilitate deep relaxation and deep rest. Regular practice of relaxation can release chronic tension and relieve anxiety helping to cope with stress, discomfort, tiredness or pain.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice known as “deep yogic sleep”. This structured and verbally guided relaxation offers an opportunity to release muscular, emotional and mental tension, distressing thoughts, feelings and memories as well as the whole burden that modern life, work, bereavement, or any other life-changing illness or predicament can bring.

Personalised Yoga

The Yoga Project has been providing bespoke services to many customers in North West and Central London and with great satisfaction we count the residents of Café Royal, One Hyde Park and the Mandarin Hotel in Knightsbridge amongst our clients.

An undisputed advantage of a personalised yoga session is how it can be tailored to individual needs. Whether it is your working hours, health reasons or personal circumstances that hold you back from joining a yoga class, we deliver a highly professional service to your own home environment.

Yoga and mindfulness offer a selection of mind and body exercises that are very practical and can be used not only during a dedicated yoga lesson, but also can be used confidently and independently, whenever you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, tired or restless.

A well designed yoga programme comprised of appropriate practices, can target individual requirements while taking into consideration your previous yoga experience, fitness level, lifestyle, and health conditions. These highly personalised sessions help to improve your posture, release stress, and re-educate the entire muscular system, bringing strength and flexibility into the body.

Restorative Yoga

Yoga for People Affected by Cancer

Yoga can give us the strength and insight we need to navigate the most radical forms of change that illness can bring upon us. Mindfulness teaches us how to cope. In combination, teachings of both traditions help to renew connection with the body and restore confidence and inner strength.

Through the practice of yoga and mindfulness we learn how to reach to the toolbox of available practices when facing fear, being overwhelmed, waiting for the diagnosis or awaiting surgery.

In THE YOGA PROJECT we offer practical breathing exercises, meditation techniques, gentle movement, Yoga Nidra, restorative yoga and relaxation techniques to help cancer patients and their carers to deal with sleeplessness, fear, pain and confusion that a life-threatening illness can bring.

Thanks to the dedicated training with the British Wheel of Yoga, and Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, as well as the knowledge and experience of the transformational power of yoga, Marta offers yoga classes that are gentle and kind to the body as well as soothing, yet strengthening, for the fragile emotional and mental state of being for people at all stages of illness – from the diagnosis through to treatment.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

In the heart of yoga lies the pursuit of balance and practice of mind control. Recovery from any addictive or compulsive behaviour shares the same aims as yoga: a quest for self-control, discipline and strength.

Yoga practices aim to calm the mind and help to gain control over it, they improve concentration, promote patience, courage and the strength to face reality.

A well designed, gentle and focused physical yoga practice brings steadiness to the mind and helps to detoxify the body and its system and organs that are most often affected by abuse. Through breathing exercises the heart and lungs begin to work more efficiently.

Relaxation and Yoga Nidra help to manage anxiety and through the use of intention and visualisation they allow us to create new and healthier mind patterns.

Meditation contributes to a greater sense of control when experiencing cravings, insomnia, agitation or panic reactions, whereas the practice of mindfulness helps to restore connection with the ourselves and the world around us.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient healing art that combines work on body’s energy lines as well as pressure and gentle stretches to enhance body’s own healing potential. It is also known as “the physical application of loving kindness” as it is strongly linked to the tradition of Buddhism. A deeply relaxing, meditative treatment on its own or combined with a gentle yoga  and restorative practice.

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Osteo Thai Massage Therapy

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Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga is a science, so is business.

Your team works for you, we work for your team, by bringing ancient wisdom and modern wellness to your workplace. We focus on your focus.

Now more companies than ever are looking for ways to support the wellbeing of their employees – and what better way than yoga and mindfulness?

An improved sense of wellbeing in the workplace has the potential to make a significant positive contribution to your business. By introducing yoga practice to your employees, you will be increasing performance and productivity, efficiency and enthusiasm, reducing levels of stress, and illness and ultimately allowing your businesses to grow and expand.

In addition to serving the function of both body and mind, yoga is a practice that can be done with very little space, minimal equipment, and a swift wardrobe change.

At THE YOGA PROJECT we provide an introduction to a yoga-based wellness programme in a professional manner with consideration of the dynamics of the workplace, while adjusting our teaching style and methods to ensure that we offer a workplace appropriate yoga programme that complies with all health and safety regulations and has full indemnity insurance.

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