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The Philosophy

“The idea behind THE YOGA PROJECT is to inspire others to learn and discover themselves through yoga and mindfulness, to plug in to wellness, and to motivate people to achieve optimum alignment, action and attitude.”

Marta Swiezynska

About Marta

Marta has been fascinated by Eastern, ancient philosophies since her teenage years. That fascination, alongside travels to India and her lifelong yearning to learn, led to discover yoga and mindfulness. With her never-ending inquisitiveness and the ‘eternal student’ nature of her being, Marta continues daily to explore the wonders and practical application of these ancient traditions as a science and way of life.

Partners and Collaborations

Marta and THE YOGA PROJECT are partnering with the not-for-profit platform the Happynesshub offering a variety of events and workshops across the UK and USA. The Happynesshub is a growing and evolving community of people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, who are interested in living their lives to their full potential; filled with love, joy, happiness, and peace. The Happynesshub aims to promote cultivation of emotional wellbeing by providing subscribers with access to a wealth of feel-good advice, cutting edge research and events. And the Yoga Project is integral to this offering.

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Marta Swiezynska

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