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Marta teaches a mixture of personalised, corporate, members and general public classes in North West and Central London. Her general classes are dynamic, at times challenging with a strong emphasis on breath awareness and on mindful, safe postural alignment: playful, relaxed and informal at the same time.

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Marta’s practical and grounded style of teaching offers her students a toolbox of yogic practices that can help to overcome the stresses of modern life. Marta confidently blends elements and wisdom of classic hatha yoga, mindfulness and various teaching techniques as well as meditation, relaxation and Yoga Nidra, which gives her a unique, eclectic style, allowing her to design classes for mixed abilities and creating modifications for a variety of health conditions while drawing inspiration from all available traditions of yoga.

Adapted yoga for everyone
Inspired Yoga Classes

Marta’s teaching fully reflects the ethos behind THE YOGA PROJECT:

Aiming to inspire the students to learn and discover themselves through yoga, to plug in to wellness, to motivate them to achieve optimum alignment, action and attitude.

Body Studio

The Body Studio

Northwood Hills
Tues 19.00, Sun 9.00

Cafe Royal London

Akasha, Cafe Royal Hotel

Regent Street, London
Mon 18.30

Thurs 12.30

Sun 13.15, 14.30

Sweaty Betty Marylebone, London

Sweaty Betty

Marylebone, London
Thurs 9.00

Harrods, London
Thurs 18.30

Virgin Active Riverside

Virgin Active Riverside

Weds 13.30

Sat 11.00


Relaxation is a skill and like any other skill, it can be learned.

Gain knowledge of how to set up many restorative postures, amongst which some are likely to be your favourite ones that can either restore sense of calm by quietening the nervous system, or balancing ones that have a capacity to make you feel composed, refreshed and focused. Learn how to use props or make the most out of what you have already got: chairs, cushions, folded blankets, rolled up mats, stacked up books or suitcases. Be creative and learn how to adjust and modify each posture in order to make them work for you as an individual.



Holidays, Retreats, Weekends, Workshops

In collaboration with the Happynesshub we are offering retreats in the South of France, in 2017.

We also deliver exclusive workshops at Sweaty Betty Marylebone and Soho, London as well as SoHo, New York.

Marta teaches yoga in Sardinia, Croatia and Mallorca. For information about upcoming holidays in Sardinia, click here, for holidays in Croatia, right here.

Yoga holidays

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