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As the world has changed as a result of Covid19, so did the way The Yoga Project operates. From teaching at the studios, spas, clubs and gyms we have moved to the online world practice in order to comply with the government guidelines and ultimately to make you feel safe. The sense of togetherness at our Zoom classes however is as strong as when we were on our mats together in the same studio, perhaps even stronger through our drive and motivation to practice jointly.

Adapted yoga for everyone
  • Consultation class

On request : Consultations last 30 minutes and include movement, postural & breath assessments. Together, we define your goals, build a tailored practice suited to your unique needs and make a plan to move you toward your goals for future sessions.

  • Calm your mind and boost your spirit

Monday 19:30 : a dynamic and changeable offering of playful exploration of Sun Salutation or Moon Salutation (depending on the phase of the moon) followed by Yoga Nidra, a practice of yogic deep, transformative, healing and meditative rest.

  • Ultimate wind down (on hold until further notice)

Tuesday 19:00 : a slow, gentle, chilled class that ends with a guided relaxation. An inner peace practice at the beginning of the week.

  • Back Rehab

Wednesday 13:30 a dynamic practice that is revolving literally and figuratively around the back, its free movement, strength and flexibility.

  • Same Asana Lab – LBT (Legs, Bums, Tums)

Thursday 9:30 : we play with the same set of postures, week in and week out, but every time slightly differently, better and more. A perfect mix of yin, yang, standing, grounding and strengthening postures.

  • Reduce Stress & Boost Resistance

Day and Time TBC : Come to yoga for resilience both inside and out. A slow and insightful practice that can help if you’re feeling depleted, sick, or simply looking for a healthy dose of prevention. We focus on postures that make impact on body’s internal functions, including our immune system.

  • Neck tension release

Day and Time TBC : Focusing on the neck, its optimal alignment and how posture impacts the neck and vice versa. Through a combination of gentle and dynamic movement as well as yin like, long held stretches we relieve tension that inhabits the neck muscles or/and appears as a result of tension from its surrounding.

  • Lights on Hamstrings

Day and Time TBC : Yoga practice focused on hamstrings can be critical addition to most training programs because it can help improve flexibility and mobility in your hamstrings and ultimately improve movement patterns while running, biking, and playing sports. With yoga postures we offer a balanced approach to hamstrings which is often synonymous with healthy back and reduced risk of injuries.

  • Not only Shoulders

Day and Time TBC : Well chosen practice if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Some gentle, strengthening postures incorporated in the practice largely revolving around various movements and stretched that bring a sense of lightness and ease not only to the shoulders but to the chest, arms and neck too.


Relaxation is a skill and like any other skill, it can be learned.

Gain knowledge of how to set up many restorative postures, amongst which some are likely to be your favourite ones that can either restore sense of calm by quietening the nervous system, or balancing ones that have a capacity to make you feel composed, refreshed and focused. Learn how to use props or make the most out of what you have already got: chairs, cushions, folded blankets, rolled up mats, stacked up books or suitcases. Be creative and learn how to adjust and modify each posture in order to make them work for you as an individual.



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